4. Sunny and Warm New Orleans, Day 2

We started our second day on New Orleans heading to the Garden District on the St. Charles streetcar. For $1.25 you can tour the whole city!

The Garden District is luxurious and filled with greenery. After the Louisiana Purchase, many Americans built mansions in this part of the city, separate from homes and businesses owned by Creoles in the French Quarter.  Famous cemeteries (with above-ground tombs dating back to the mid-1800’s) reminded us that New England was settled long before this time in our country’s history.  We have cemeteries dating to the 1600’s nearly in our back yard.

Our Jazz brunch at Commodore’s Palace was an extravagant treat. This famous restaurant was founded in the 1890’s and features famous New Orleans fare. Who could resist the pecan pie or strawberry shortcake with chantilly? 😋

Several women’s marches were occurring across the nation throughout the day, and NOLA was no exception. We passed a large crowd marching down Poydras street as we left the World War II Museum, and spotted this sign while on the trolley.

The WWII Museum was a sad reminder of the devastation mankind wreaks on one another. The displays were so personal that we realized how small the world was then and how different it is now.  Even though we can blog and FaceTime, we don’t think about the people across the world that we impact.

Tomorrow we leave this lovely city and head (quickly) across Texas into New Mexico and Arizona.  Thank you to a hospitable Crescent City for a wonderful few days.


3 thoughts on “4. Sunny and Warm New Orleans, Day 2

  1. Are you guys still in the hotel with Cassie? Sounds fun. A want that sunny weather!!
    I’m happy just because it might get up to to 50 degrees.


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