5. Across the Bayous 

Drove across the Louisiana Bayous this morning to Houston and through the flat lands of east Texas. Sunny and 66 degrees. Fortunately, we missed the storms and tornadoes behind us in Georgia.

It’s interesting to note that crossing Texas is more than half as far (897 miles) as the drive from Niantic to New Orleans (1400 miles)!  Texas hill country was new to me, but not to Dave, as the boys went to camp here in the 80’s. Today was a driving day, ending in west Texas. Beautiful sunsets, with windmills in silhouette, but no photos of them, only personal joy.

Heading to Tucson tomorrow. 


6 thoughts on “5. Across the Bayous 

    1. Right now it’s 6:09 am but when you typed this is was probably yesterday and it was 2 hours earlier here. We are staying st hotels along the way — Cassie has her bed and toys. Tonight we are going to stay with a friend in Sedona. It’s snowing there, because the altitude is higher.


  1. You missed a tornado? Was it big? How close was it to you? Wow that sounds a little terrifying. And your driving to Texas? Is there a time difference?


    1. The tornadoes were on our route but we got to New Orleans before they came close and left for Texas as they were hitting Georgia. Yes we have entered a new time zone (Central) and will be in Mountain time this afternoon when we get to Tucson.


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