6. To Tucson

Decided to take it easy today and enjoy the countryside: whippoorwills were calling in the Texas Ponderosa pine trees as we had our morning coffee. Distant mountains surround us like the rim of a large bowl.  

On the road once more– this part of the country is made for cruise control! 80 and flat.

As soon as we entered New Mexico, we were enveloped by Southwest history. A simple rest area marks the spot of the Camino Reale and the beginnings of the Pony Express. Lovely Pueblo-like picnic areas bore a sign, caution: rattlesnakes! 

Cassie chased tumbleweeds in the parking lots en route- and we arrived in Tucson just in time for rain — but a view of the Catalina Mountains from our room and  great, authentic Mexican food at La Padilla Suiza. Left for Sedona via Phoenix — snow anticipated.


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