8. Sedona: sunny with snow-capped Red Rocks

Paul and Sue drove us to every gorgeous spot in Sedona. All of the red rock formations have names: coffee pot rock, elephant rock, courthouse butte, cathedral rock, bell rock– descriptive of the shape of each one. On this day it was particularly special because they were topped with a powder-sugar looking coating after the light snow.

As we reached one pinnacle, we found a man playing his cello at an overlook beneath the formations. It was stunning to see and amazing to hear. He was part of a trio, Simply Three, and was being filmed as part of a promotional video they were making. I caught a snippet of it here:

​​We walked Oak Creek on a mini hike, and caught the bluff mirrored in the water — although the water was not quite calm enough to get a true reflection.  

The sycamore trees peel creating a covering much like camouflage, and nearby was a water wheel from back in the late 1800’s when an enterprising man planted fruit trees and brought water down from a nearby stream.

Looking at silver  and turquoise jewelry at Garland’s and ceramic bell chimes in the Native American shops were like visiting an art museum. Every part of the city is an artistic venture.
Dinner at Mariposa featured Latin food that was exquisite and the night was an experience unto itself with the views of the red rock formations at sunset from our table.

Paul, David’s childhood friend, his wife, Sue, and son, David (named after Dave) plied Cassie with duck jerky and gave her the love and attention she deserved for being such a good girl. She only escaped their house twice and fortunately didn’t run into any javelina.  The Pueblo design and southwest features of their home reflect the difference in lifestyle from life in New  England. We loved seeing them and enjoyed every minute of our stay with our dear friends. 


2 thoughts on “8. Sedona: sunny with snow-capped Red Rocks

  1. Hi Guys,
    I just looked at the photos of Sedona – wow! It looks great! It looks exactly like Lightening McQueens setting from the Cars movie.
    And what was in that Latin food?
    I’m glad you guys got to see your friends. Can’t wait for your next post.


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