9. On to our destination- San Francisco!

Today we are heading to San Francisco via route 40, which actually follows the old Route 66– Kingman, Barstow, San Bernadino– we are singing along with Manhattan Transfer! 🎼

Here it’s 53 and sunny– when we left Sedona it was 29 degrees.

Entering the Mojave Desert, we see all brown and low hills. Thanks to interstates and good water access, it’s not the killer that it used to be for those traveling cross country.  Some days when we are driving we see trains of railroad cars over 3 miles long– our country is amazing.

Encountered 2 Aussies at a rest area– they had just hiked in and out of the Grand Canyon in one day– and were super proud of themselves, if sore!

The lovely ballet of the windmills as we weave theough the hills of California reminds us how important it is to conserve energy. Spending the night in Los Banos and leaving just a 3-hour drive for the morning when we will see Mat and Pam!


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