11. Organic, local, grass-fed, and free-range 

So food in San Francisco isn’t cheap, but definitely reflects the city’s ethics– the lifestyle represents sustainability, conscious  and responsible consumption, and environmental awareness.  Eggs? $6.99 a dozen.  Whole wheat bread locally made, $6.00 a loaf.  Chicken? $24 for six boneless breasts. Coffee is always fair trade, so a cup here is far more expensive than a DD in CT.  Wine, on the other hand, is excellent, local and moderately priced.  

Dogs are welcome in this micro neighborhood and we see lots of friendly families walking the paths and boardwalk with their pups. 

This week we saw protests at SFO over the immigration ban by our new President, just as those at JFK and Dulles, SeaTac and Logan. It’s an encouraging place to be– you have faith in people and faith that the young folks who are our future will do the right thing in the long run.

And here is an example of the gorgeous sunset view at the beach! 


3 thoughts on “11. Organic, local, grass-fed, and free-range 

  1. hi guys,
    sounds like a lot of money for something that would be cheap here! That sun looked amazing!! I love the posts keep them coming!! Were are you headed next?


    1. Hi, Elliott, We will be here for about 3 weeks at least. I will post if we do something interesting in San Francisco or around the area. I see Niantic is getting a little snow, so I guess you will be earning a few dollars!


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