29. Home, Sweet Home

No matter how much fun it was to see the country and how grateful we are that we could visit family, it's always nice to be home.  Driving through New York and over the GW Bridge felt so familiar-- as did the traffic on I-95 in Connecticut. As we pulled into the drive, Cassie got … Continue reading 29. Home, Sweet Home


28. Crossing the Mississippi

Saturday was a milestone day- crossed the Mississippi at 2 pm, so we are officially out East! On Sunday we met dear relatives in Ohio-- Aunty Donna and Uncle Dick, Michele and Denny. Then on to Niles to visit Dave's sister and family. Monday will be our last day of driving -- we will be … Continue reading 28. Crossing the Mississippi

24. Arizona to New Mexico– and a Meteor Crater

We had unexpected stop near Flagstaff, at Meteor Crater, where 50,000 years ago a meteor hit the earth at 26,000 mph.  It created a giant bowl-shaped cavity 700 feet deep and 4,000 feet across. We visited mainly because Dave, an aeronautical engineer, is fascinated with all things space.  Neil Armstrong trained here for his moon … Continue reading 24. Arizona to New Mexico– and a Meteor Crater