22. Sad to Leave… the City By the Bay, Fog City

Well, we didn’t go over the Golden Gate Bridge to Napa this trip, but we did have lots of really good red wine that cost very little.  And we had beer. Beer week was the best.  

And, no, we didn’t make it to City Lights Bookstore, but I guess you could say we are mimicking Jack Kerouac’s On the Road just a little bit. Maybe.  Or Travels with Charley, and Steinbeck wasn’t too far from here, so you could say he’s relevant, even though he’s not a Beat poet.

This summary of SF nicknames by The Bold Italic is a fun read. In this town they have named their fog: it’s Karl.  

The fog rolls in quietly in Outer Sunset, 

and even when it’s not sunny, everything you need or want is right here; you find yourself a visitor who’s not doing the touristy things like trekking around the Embarcadero,  but instead:  watching surfers brave the violent waves as you pick up the sand dollars from the beach; walking the dog and ambling slowly on paths through parks; meandering through farmer’s markets, fruit stands and bakeries to bring home the local fare that makes for delicious meals.

It will be hard to leave this place and its quirky, passionately environmentally-friendly lifestyle.  Journey’s “Lights” captures the feeling pretty darn well.  And it will be doubly hard leaving the couple and baby-to-be.  But tomorrow we are heading out– to Santa Fe and Chaco Canyon for our next adventure as we return to the fast pace of the Northeast just on time for a birthday bash.


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