24. Arizona to New Mexico– and a Meteor Crater

We had unexpected stop near Flagstaff, at Meteor Crater, where 50,000 years ago a meteor hit the earth at 26,000 mph.  It created a giant bowl-shaped cavity 700 feet deep and 4,000 feet across. We visited mainly because Dave, an aeronautical engineer, is fascinated with all things space.  Neil Armstrong trained here for his moon walk in 1963.

From there, we drove along I 40 with lovely mountains in the distance.

Stopped in Gallup, NM for barbecue and beer at Smokey’s– 40 varieties on tap– and awesome BBQ.

From Gallup we had to skip Chaco Canyon (no dogs allowed), so on to Santa Fe!  We  crossed the Continental Divide at 3:30 pm after 15 hours of driving, and 986 miles.  Dave commented that every American should visit the West– for its landscape and vast distances.  We have driven 2 full days since San Francisco, and if you compare it to the US map, we have gone less than a third of the way across the country, or would have covered only New England. An amazing land we live in. 🇺🇸


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