25. Santa Fe, Pueblos, and Art

Spent the night in Santa Fe and got up early to bring Cassie to a new doggie day care, Santa Fe Tails. Awesome place. After her “evaluation,” they decided she was friendly and compatible, and off we went to Chimayo, the Sanctuary site also known as the “Lourdes of America.”

The tiny adobe chapel is 200 years old and a site for pilgrims to have their prayers heard.  As we entered we saw hundreds of baby shoes displayed all around the chapel– where people have said prayers for the health of their children.  The larger church is a place of prayer with five alters and a side room; the church was built on this site where a crucifix was said to be found, and now people come to get holy soil from the ground on this spot.
Leaving the Santuario de Chimayo, we headed to the Puye Cliff Dwellings.  This was the ancestral home of the Santa Clara Pueblo Indians.   Pueblo people descended from Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde , probably in search of water, to this plateau.  They lived here until the early 1600’s, and now Santa Clara nearby is their modern community. 

These ancient people developed very elaborate masonry, farming,  and artistic skills and their pottery remains a valuable cultural treasure.  It was sunny, but windy, and I walked up to the cliff face while Dave remained below taking photos.


As we drove away to nearby pottery making community of San Ildefonso, we marveled at the beauty of this region.  It is no wonder Georgia O’Keefe wanted to live and paint here! After a walk through downtown and seeing the Plaza and  St. Francis Cathedral, we had a true Mexican lunch at The Shed.  Then we enjoyed hours of walking through the Georgia O’Keefe museum.  

One more night in Santa Fe and we will be headed East– snow following us, so the southern route might be in our future.


2 thoughts on “25. Santa Fe, Pueblos, and Art

  1. Lost your Blog address and just got it from Joyce, so I
    just caught up on your trip. I’m so glad that you stopped in Sante Fe – one of my favorite memories. Also glad that you are on the way home – miss you guys! Great photos!


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