Women of the World Event at the Apollo

via Abbey Lincoln Tribute Concert – Apollo Theater | WOW Festival | Harlem, USA

We love Dee Dee Bridgewater, Esperanza Spaulding, and Dianne Reeves, so this is the perfect event for us.  Have not been to the legendary Apollo in Harlem, so we are very eager to see the place and enjoy the music– with a wonderful purpose: promoting the power of women and girls around the world. This John F. Kennedy Center production is a concert in  honor of the legendary Abbey Lincoln, who wrote the famous ballad, “For All We Know.”

Happy to see: SPRING, March 21

It’s not only March 21, first day of spring, Naw Ruz, sunny and warm, but the porch is warm enough (62 degrees) to enjoy during the daytime!

Spent the day uncovering the daffodils that are emerging, and the  grape hyacinths and myrtle that are just starting to bloom.  The cardinals and downy woodpeckers are happy at the birdfeeder, and we’ve even had flickers and ladderback woodpeckers.  Nice respite from the politics and  news on the tv which could drive us crazy!  

Cassie enjoyed a 2-mile walk to the beach– no swimming yet, since we don’t have the outdoor shower operational until we are sure no more freezes this spring.  When she got back, she took a nap with her baby!

Enjoy the equinox– we are!

A Day in New York City: Culture Wars

Drove into the city for the day and enjoyed the new MOMA– interesting comparison to the San Francisco MOMA we visited in February.  More Andy Warhol and Diane Arbus, but classic favorites, too:  Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Monet’s Water Lilies and Dali’s The Persistence of Memory.  

The culture wars are real; this  museum was filled with students, seniors, people from all backgrounds, enjoying art together in peace and unity. Unfortunately  the museum needed to highlight the problem of the day with a tribute to immigrants who have created the art in this building but are not welcome here:

Spent the evening at Dizzy’s Club overlooking the NY skyline hearing Ted Nash, who just won a grammy for The Presidential Suite. This piece is worth mentioning– it’s a series of 8 famous speeches by leaders of the world, put to music.  Couldn’t help but contrast the language of JFK, FDR, Mandela, or Nehru to our current leader of the U.S.  We have gone from articulate and learned, to juvenile and sloppy.  Sigh.