Bermuda: Heaven on Earth

Flying into Bermuda is like flying into paradise. I missed the photo op as we circled the airport of this 20 square mile island.  Our ride to the hotel took us past the Botanical Gardens, lots of exclusive homes, and an ice cream shop in St. George that we hope to return to!

Once you land, every person you meet seems to be cheerful and friendly; even the tourists take on the persona of the locals: chatty and informative.  While food and drinks are pricey, the dedication to ecological standards seem to make it all worth it.

Started with a beautiful day at the Fairmont beach in Southampton, then ice cream and a walk at Horseshoe Bay.  

Ocean was a bit too chilly for me to swim, but we watched the turquoise parrot fish from the rocks by the beach.  Fascinating.  

Pool and hot tub called us for a dip before dinner.

We walked and enjoyed the Sunset as we got to Henry VIII pub– Bermuda chowder is really the bomb!!  And of course, a dark and stormy to finish…


3 thoughts on “Bermuda: Heaven on Earth

  1. oh, it sounds Beautiful….and fun!!! So happy for you that all went well so far….Keep em coming!!!! raining and Freezing here in Hibbing!!!! Hate to go out to work and drive today….. Love you Mom


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