Abbey Lincoln Tribute Concert

We've always wanted to visit the Apollo Theater in Harlem, responsible for the emergence of jazz in NYC back in the day. Tonight was the perfect night for it.  We attended WOW-- Women of the World--  being celebrated by 3 amazing singers.  Other events this weekend were The Moth readings, teen empowerment sessions, and other … Continue reading Abbey Lincoln Tribute Concert


America’s Cup, Hamilton, and The Dockyard

Took the bus to the Dockyard, but Royal Caribbean had a huge cruise ship docked at the King's Wharf-- so we were surrounded by thousands of tourists.  We wandered the Royal Dockyard grounds, including the Victualing Yard, shopped at the Old Cooperage and craft market as well as the Clock Tower, where we saw rum … Continue reading America’s Cup, Hamilton, and The Dockyard