America’s Cup, Hamilton, and The Dockyard

Took the bus to the Dockyard, but Royal Caribbean had a huge cruise ship docked at the King’s Wharf– so we were surrounded by thousands of tourists.  We wandered the Royal Dockyard grounds, including the Victualing Yard, shopped at the Old Cooperage and craft market as well as the Clock Tower, where we saw rum cakes, sea glass, and glass blowing.  

Walked through taking in the history, and stopped at Bonefish for a Dark n Stormy, but headed back to Hamilton  on the Sea Express ferry instead of doing more sightseeing or shopping. 

In Hamilton, Front Street’s colorful buildings were intriguing, but the sun came out and the beach called to us.  Off Alburoy’s Point we took a ferry from Hamilton Harbor to the Waterlot. Saw America’s Cup boats practicing their racing in the harbor. Viewed the lighthouse we had seen from Henry VIII pub.

Horseshoe  Beach was stunning today, as was the hot tub overlooking the bay.  We were fortunate to have visited this lovely island.

Bye, Bermuda!   We’ll be back!


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