It’s the little things

Ok so hotel bathrobes are a fetish of mine,  and  doesn’t David look so cute out on the balcony with his coffee this morning?

Today was an adventure in St. George’s. Took the bus first to Crystal Caves, but had to stop at Swizzle for a Swizzle, an Elephant, and a bite to eat. Swizzle reminded us of a bar in Key West– Sloppy Joe’s.

Caves were fascinating and beautiful!  Discovered in 1902 by a boy who lost his ball and slid down a rope into an opening he saw.  Unfortunately, some stalactites have been broken off by visitors, hence the flat bottoms. Many have joined the stalagmites to make huge columns– a million years ago. The water is crystal clear and aquamarine- brackish with no life at all.  The tour guide told us that at some points the water is 400 feet deep.

We decided to splurge and caught a cab up to Fort St. Catherine for a bit of Bermudian history.  This fort defended British from Spanish who were also interested in land in the New World. Built in 1614, it has a moat and a drawbridge, as well as tunnels with many armaments. It overlooks the sea toward Europe, and in later years also helped to protect the British Navy ships moored at the Dockyard.

In St. George’s, pink and blue and yellow buildings decorate the town, with white roofs situated to collect rainwater. People on the bus say “good afternoon” to everyone as they board, and the bus driver scolds young men who do not give up their seats to old women. 

St. Peter’s Chappell reflects colonial  architecture– and King’s Square and Town Hall are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

White Horse Tavern provided the opportunity for a Pink Sands Margarita (it would be blasphemy to  resist) and the Bermuda Perfumery gave me a glimpse of where the island-inspired scents are manufactured.  

Where did the day go? It was time to return for a swim and dinner. So we hopped on the bus!


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