Pink and Blue

The buses in Bermuda are pink and blue: pink mostly, with blue stripes.  Stand at the pink post for the #8 in to Hamilton, and the blue post to take the #11 to St. George’s.  The houses are pink and blue– and sometimes yellow and green.  They reflect the colors of the purple morning glory, pink hibiscus, oleander, and bouganvillea.  It’s a colorful place, Bermuda.

Oh, yes, don’t forget the drinks.

Now they say the sand is pink and the ocean here is turquoise.  We had to inspect Horseshoe Bay one more time to verify this.  You be the judge:

We saw a bird we haven’t seen before– yellow bellied with white stripes across the eyes.  It fits well into the color scheme, and is probably a Great Kiskadee:

We had ducks and ducklings of several varieties visit us on the lawns around the hotel, but none were pink or blue.

And so, we are taking in the colors of the day!


One thought on “Pink and Blue

  1. It surely is beautiful where you are….Enjoy…… However… the sun is shining here today also….and it looks like Spring may be on the way!!! Enjoy…. love n hugs.


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